Gemini laser treatment is the latest in dental technology and serves as an antibacterial for gum pockets without prescribing medication. It is conservative, painless and provides added benefit during dental cleanings, especially for patients who are at high risk or have gum disease. Patients see improvements in gum measurements at their checkups.

Why is Laser Dentistry needed?

Laser dentistry using the Gemini Laser has a variety of applications in dental surgery and dental hygiene. In surgical procedures, these lasers can be used to help cut through soft tissue without the trauma of a typical scalpel. The process of using a laser in dental procedures is safe and highly effective.

Who is a candidate for Laser Dentistry?

Laser technology is safe and effective for most patients. You can benefit from this type of option because it is often painless, and some of our patients won't even need anesthetic while the laser is in use.

What happens during Laser Dentistry?

The first step is to have you come into our office for your appointment. We will sit you comfortably in one of our operatories. Because lasers are often painless, anesthetic may not be needed depending on the type of work being done. We use The Gemini Laser, a small handheld device, to remove and treat soft tissue as it is needed. We can use this type of technology for a variety of soft-tissue surgical procedures and hygiene procedures, seen in the list below. You will find that the procedure goes more quickly and smoothly than ever before.